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Why smoke wood?

Smoked wood not only adds a distinctive smoke flavour to your dishes, but it also opens the door to a world of flavour variations. Each type of wood gives off unique aromas, giving you the opportunity to experiment and find the perfect combination for any food type. From fruity notes to rich and spicy flavours, smoking wood allows you to put your own culinary stamp on your grilled creations.

  • Type of food: Consider the flavour of the food when choosing the type of wood. Lighter woods work well with poultry and fish, while heavier types are better for red meat.
  • Soaking: Consider soaking the smoking wood in water before use. This slows down the burning process and ensures a longer smoking time.
  • Combinations: Experiment with combining different woods for complex and unique flavour profiles.
  • Dosage: start with a small amount of smoking wood and adjust to taste. Too much smoke can be overwhelming.

Charcoal Storage: Tips for Long-Lasting Grilling Fun

Want to enjoy your charcoal for as long as possible and achieve optimal grilling results? Then it is essential to store your charcoal properly. Here are some handy tips to keep your charcoal in top condition:

1. Dry storage: Always store your charcoal in a dry place, preferably in a garage or basement with natural dryness. Use a sealable bucket for maximum protection from moisture.

2. Avoid heat sources: Keep your charcoal away from direct heat sources to prevent accidental ignition.

3. Turn it over regularly: If your charcoal got wet, let it dry in the sun for a few days and turn it over regularly. Make sure it is completely dry before using it.

4. Specific storage tips: Each type of charcoal has its own storage tips. For example, Marabu charcoal is excellent for reuse, while Coconut BBQ briquettes burn clean and leave less ash.

How to light charcoal? | BBQ Flavour


  1. Choose the right charcoal for your barbecue: Marabu, Acacia, or Coconut.
  2. Ensure an even distribution of charcoal for optimal heat.
  3. Use igniting materials like Wood Wool for easy ignition.
  4. Experiment with different charcoal types for various flavors.
  5. Adjust airflow for the desired temperature and cooking style.

Get the most out of your charcoal barbecue with our handy tips at bbqflavour.com! 🌟🔥

How should I light Binchotan? | BBQ Flavor


1. Start with a base of soft charcoal, such as BBQ Flavour Acacia or Marabu charcoal.
2. Light the charcoal with BBQ Flavour Woodwool or firelighters.
3. Once the coals are glowing, place the Binchotan diagonally on top.
4. The heat from the coals will make the Binchotan burn easily.
5. Once it glows, it's time for endless grilling fun!

Opt for an effortless start to your grilling session with these handy tips! 🌟🔥

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