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Charcoal for Every Occasion

Which type of charcoal is best for the Kamado? A legitimate question in the mind of a true griller. So many different types, but what do you really need? BBQ Flavour is eager to teach you about the different types of charcoal for the Kamado. Below you'll find everything about what really are the best coals for your Kamado and how to use them best in a BBQ Flavour. This way, you'll know exactly which charcoal to order online!

When it comes to creating the perfect BBQ experience, the choice of charcoal plays a crucial role. Not all charcoal is created equal; the quality can vary greatly, ultimately affecting the result of your BBQ. For owners of a Kamado barbecue, it's essential to choose charcoal of exceptionally high quality to achieve the best results. In this guide, you'll discover why Marabu charcoal, along with other premium charcoal options, is the ideal choice for your next BBQ session.

Houtskool BBQ Flavour

The Importance of Quality Charcoal in Your Stock

Having a stock of the highest quality coals is essential for every BBQ enthusiast. Quality charcoal means not only a longer burn time and better heat but also a significant difference in taste. The diversity of charcoal types offers a range of options for every BBQ occasion.

Houtskool BBQ Flavour

Marabu Charcoal: The Top Choice for Barbecues

Marabu Houtskool

History and Origin 

Marabu charcoal, known for its purity and efficiency, is charcoal made from the vast fields of Cuba. After the economic crisis caused by the fall of the Soviet Union, the Marabu plant took over, creating a unique source for charcoal production. This charcoal is known for its nearly pure carbon content, providing a long-lasting and clean burn.

Houtskool BBQ Flavour

Benefits of Marabu Charcoal

Marabu charcoal distinguishes itself from standard charcoal with its long burn time and the ability to reach high temperatures without unwanted smoke or odors. These qualities make it an excellent choice for BBQ, where control over temperature and a clean burn are crucial.

Houtskool BBQ Flavour

Acacia Charcoal: A Sustainable Choice

Acacia charcoal offers an authentic taste and an impressive burn time, making it a favorite among barbecue fans. This type of charcoal, made from the Acacia tree, is known for its ability to deliver consistent heat, essential for preparing perfectly grilled meat.

Acacia houtskool voor de bbq

Innovation in BBQ: Hexagon Sawdust Briquettes

Hexagon Sawdust Briquettes represent an environmentally friendly innovation in barbecue fuels. Their unique shape and composition ensure an even burn, allowing you to enjoy consistent heat for longer. These briquettes are ideal for an efficient and sustainable BBQ experience.

Briketten voor de bbq

Coconut Briquettes: For a Tropical Touch

For those looking for an environmentally friendly option with an exotic twist, coconut briquettes are the perfect choice. Made from coconut shells, they offer a long burn time and a subtle, tropical flavor to your dishes.

Kokosnoot briketten

Quick Koko Briquettes: Quick Lighting, Long Enjoyment 

Quick Koko Briquettes are designed for speed and convenience, making them ideal for spontaneous BBQ sessions. These briquettes burn long and are ready for use within minutes, making them a favorite choice for the modern griller.

Quick-Koko briketten

The Importance of Natural Charcoal

The use of 100% natural charcoal is crucial for maintaining the authentic taste of your dishes, especially when using a Kamado barbecue. Synthetic lighting aids and briquettes can leave unwanted tastes and odors, something you definitely want to avoid.

Choosing the right charcoal for your barbecue is more than a practical consideration; it's a choice that affects the taste, quality, and health of your dishes. By investing in high-quality and natural charcoal types such as Marabu and Acacia, you ensure yourself the best BBQ experience. With this guide, you're well on your way to becoming a master at choosing the right charcoal for your stock and ultimately, for the perfect BBQ result.

Correct Lighting of Charcoal: An Art in Itself

Lighting charcoal is an essential skill for any BBQ enthusiast. Especially with compact and natural charcoal types like Marabu, this process requires patience and attention to detail.

Woodwool BBQ Flavour | om de houtskool mee aan te steken

Preparation is Key  

Start by placing your charcoal in a pyramid shape in the barbecue. This structure promotes airflow and makes lighting easier. Use natural lighting cubes to avoid the chemical tastes that traditional fluids can leave behind.


Light the lighting cubes at various points under the charcoal pyramid. It's crucial to give the charcoal time to fully ignite before starting to BBQ. This can take some time, especially with charcoal that is denser and more natural, like Marabu or Acacia.

Aansteken van de bbq

The Perfect Glow

Once the charcoal has a gray ash layer and is glowing red, spread the blocks evenly over the barbecue. Now you're ready to start grilling. This process ensures that your food cooks evenly and maximizes the flavor the charcoal gives off.

Houtskool BBQ Flavour

Maintaining an Optimal Charcoal Stock  

Maintaining a quality charcoal

 stock is essential for any serious barbecue chef. This means not only choosing the right types of charcoal but also storing them correctly.

Storage Tips

Store your charcoal in a dry, sealed space to avoid moisture, which can affect the burning quality. Consider using airtight containers if you live in a particularly humid environment.

Opslag emmer voor houtskool

Stock Management

It's advisable to have various bags of charcoal in stock for different types of BBQ sessions. Marabu is perfect for long, slow cooking sessions, while Quick Koko briquettes are ideal for quick, spontaneous grilling moments.

A Deeper Dive into Charcoal Types and Their Benefits

Each type of charcoal has unique properties that make it suitable for different barbecue purposes. Here is an overview of the benefits of each discussed charcoal type.

Marabu Charcoal

- Long Burn Time: Ideal for prolonged cooking sessions.
- High Heat: Reaches and maintains high temperatures, perfect for grilling steaks.
- Pure: Produces little smoke, preserving the authentic taste of the food.

Acacia Charcoal

- Rich Flavor: Adds a subtle, smoky taste to the food.
- Sustainable: Charcoal made from sustainably managed forests.
- Versatile: Suitable for a wide range of dishes.

Acacia houtskool

Hexagon Sawdust Briquettes

- Efficient: Burns evenly and long, reducing the need to add charcoal frequently.
- Environmentally Friendly: Made from recycled sawdust.
- Innovative Design: The unique shape promotes airflow for a more stable temperature.

Hexagon swadust briketten

Coconut Briquettes

- Exotic Flavor: Adds a subtle, tropical twist to dishes.
- Long-Lasting Burn: Ideal for both quick and long BBQ sessions.
- Environmentally Friendly: Made from a renewable source without harming trees.

Quick Koko Briquettes

- Quick to Light: Equipped with built-in lighting fluid for ease.
- Long Burn Time: Provides up to an hour of cooking time, perfect for quick meals.
- Convenient: Ideal for impromptu BBQs where time is of the essence.

BBQing with charcoal is not just a way to prepare food; it's an art form that requires patience, skill, and knowledge of your fuel. By choosing charcoal of the best quality and using it correctly, you can elevate the taste and quality of your dishes to a new level. Whether you prefer the long-lasting heat of Marabu charcoal, the rich flavor of Acacia, the efficiency of Hexagon Sawdust Briquettes, the exotic touch of coconut briquettes, or the speed of Quick Koko, each choice enriches your BBQ experience.

Maintaining a diversified stock of these charcoal types ensures you're always prepared, no matter the BBQ challenge. With this knowledge and the right approach, nothing stands in your way of claiming the title of BBQ master.

Quick-Koko briketten

Optimize Your BBQ Experience with the Right Charcoal

Selecting the right charcoal for your BBQ is crucial to achieving the desired taste and texture of your dishes. Different types of charcoal offer different benefits, depending on the type of dish you're preparing.

Marabu houtskool

Match the Charcoal with the Dish

- For steaks and red meat: Choose charcoal with a high heat output, like Marabu or Acacia, to get a perfect sear.
- For slow-cooked dishes: Use charcoal types with a long burn time, like coconut briquettes, to maintain a consistent temperature.
- For smoked dishes: Consider charcoal with a rich, natural smoky flavor, like Acacia, to add depth to the flavor of your dishes.

Houtskool BBQ Flavour

The Importance of Oxygen Control  

Controlling the oxygen supply is essential for achieving the perfect BBQ experience. Kamado barbecues, with their airtight design, offer excellent control over the oxygen supply, which is crucial for using charcoal. By adjusting the air inlets and outlets, you can accurately regulate the temperature, essential for optimally using your charcoal stock.

Houtskool BBQ Flavour

Charcoal and Environmental Considerations

When choosing charcoal, it's also important to consider the environmental impact. Options like coconut briquettes and Hexagon Sawdust Briquettes are not only efficient in use but also more environmentally friendly. They utilize waste materials or sustainable sources, making them a responsible choice for environmentally conscious BBQ enthusiasts.

Tips for Efficient Charcoal Use  

Efficient use of charcoal not only provides a better BBQ experience but also helps manage your stock and save costs. Here are some tips to get the most out of your charcoal stock.

Houtskool BBQ Flavour

Prevent Waste

- Use the Right Amount: Estimate the required amount of charcoal depending on the size of your BBQ and the duration of your cooking session. This prevents using more charcoal than necessary.
- Extinguish and Reuse: If you have charcoal left over after your BBQ, safely extinguish it and save it for next time. Many types of charcoal, like Marabu, can be used multiple times if they are correctly extinguished and stored.

Marabu Houtskool

Maximum Efficiency

- Optimize Airflow: Ensure good airflow in your BBQ to burn the charcoal efficiently. This can be achieved by evenly distributing the charcoal and ensuring there is enough space between the pieces.
- Close the Lid: By closing the lid of your BBQ, you retain heat and smoke, resulting in more efficient use of your charcoal and a better flavor of your dishes.

Rookhout voor de bbq

The Role of Charcoal in Modern BBQ Culture

Charcoal plays not only a practical role in the BBQ process but also has cultural value. The use of charcoal brings a traditional element to modern BBQ experiences, connects us with the origin of grilling, and adds an authentic smoky aroma that cannot be replicated with other fuels.

Houtskool BBQ Flavour

Innovation and Tradition  

As we discover new ways to use and produce BBQ charcoal, such as the eco-friendly Hexagon Sawdust Briquettes and coconut briquettes, we also honor traditional BBQ culture. This balance between innovation and tradition makes each BBQ experience unique and enriching.

Houtskool BBQ Flavour

Choosing the right charcoal and using it efficiently can significantly improve your BBQ experience. Whether you're looking to achieve the perfect sear on a steak, perfect slow-cooked ribs, or add an authentic smoky flavor to your dishes, the right choice of charcoal makes a difference. By investing in a diverse assortment of charcoal types and adopting environmentally friendly and efficient BBQ practices, you not only enrich your culinary creations but also contribute to a more sustainable world.

Rookhout bbq

BBQing is more than just preparing food; it's an experience that brings people together, celebrates traditions, and embraces innovation. With the right knowledge and tools, every BBQ enthusiast can elevate their passion to a new level, create culinary masterpieces, and share unforgettable moments with friends and family. So, stock up, experiment with different charcoal types, and get ready for a BBQ season full of flavor, fun, and discovery.

Houtskool BBQ Flavour