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Welcome to BBQ Flavour, where passion for barbecue and quality come together in every spark of our products. We offer a rich range, from high-quality charcoal such as Acacia, Marabu and the unique Binchotan, to a variety of smoked woods and chunks for that authentic smoke flavour. Discover our handy table grills and a wide selection of BBQ accessories. Each product reflects our commitment to quality and true barbecue culture, with options for every barbecue need, from quick meals to large parties. For more details on our range, including burn time and temperature range, check out the brochure now. 

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  • Charcoal: Our charcoal is known for its long burn time and optimum heat output, ideal for both grilling and smoking.
  • Smokes & Chunks: Add an authentic smoke flavour to your dishes with our diverse selection of smoking wood and chunks, perfect for every taste preference.
  • Table Grill: Our compact and efficient table grill offers a modern twist on traditional barbecuing, suitable for any setting.
  • BBQ Accessories: From skewers to smoking boards, our accessories ensure you are prepared for any barbecue challenge