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The Binchotan charcoal is many times quieter than the Marabu. When lit, it gives no smoke, does not splutter and is completely odourless. Another advantage of the Binchotan is that it burns much longer and can achieve a higher temperature than the Marabu. Binchotan has a very pure composition due to its high carbon percentage of as much as 95.9%. Binchotan is made by hand in a traditional way in Japan, in kilns made of stone and clay. Making Binchotan is a difficult and especially time-consuming job due to the very high Japanese quality requirements. The whole process from collecting wood to packing Binchotan into boxes can take as many as 15 days. The collected wood is first heated in an oven at 200°C for 10 days with minimal oxygen supply. This decomposes the wood and produces an almost pure composition of carbon. Once the wood has decomposed, the temperature is ramped up to 1000°C, increasing the oxygen supply. The final stage begins once the charcoal takes on a red glow. The charcoal is removed from the kiln and rolled in a mixture of ash and sand. This gives the charcoal a white-grey glow and lives up to its name "White Binchotan". Binchotan can be lit with a gas burner, taking into account a burning time of 15 minutes. But for a really nice fire, you should take into account that you first need to fire for an hour to an hour and a half. To make the Binchotan burn faster and easier, it is best to first make a soft charcoal bed with Acacia charcoal. Always place the Binchotan diagonally on top of this. Binchotan White Lychee is a softer type of wood than the Binchotan Konia and Maitiew. It gives a nice even heat, allowing you to make the most beautiful dishes with it. Binchotan is excellent for a long evening or afternoon of grilling on your small open barbecue. After the grilling session, Binchotan is easy and good to reuse by putting it out. Quenching Binchotan can be done in two ways, namely by locking the Binchotan in a closed Kamado or by quenching the Binchotan in water and letting it dry for a day.

Binchotan Charcoal: ultimate choice for barbecue enthusiasts

A true treasure from Japan, Binchotan charcoal has become a household name among barbecue enthusiasts worldwide. Binchotan is suitable for any charcoal bbq and charcoal kamado. However, it is especially recommended to use Binchotan charcoal on a table barbecue/Shichirin. But what makes Binchotan charcoal so special and why is it also called the best charcoal? Let's take a closer look at this category of bbq charcoal and discover why it is the perfect choice for unforgettable barbecue experiences.

Unique features of Binchotan

Binchotan is known for its unparalleled efficiency and impressive heat production. This is due to its remarkably high carbon content, resulting in an almost pure composition. As a result, Binchotan offers a taste experience unlike any other. It is also distinguished by its remarkable burn time, ranging from 3 to 5 hours, and a reuse option of up to 3 hours, depending on the application. These features make Binchotan a favourite among experienced grillers.

Craftsmanship behind Binchotan

Producing Binchotan is an artisanal process that requires craftsmanship and dedication. Traditionally, Binchotan is made in stone and clay kilns, where the wood is processed over a 15-day period. The process begins with careful stacking of logs in the kiln, using minimal oxygen supply. The wood is slowly heated to around 200°C, giving it a distinctive red glow. After this intensive process, the charcoal is rolled in ash and sand, resulting in the recognisable grey glow of Binchotan, also known as 'white Binchotan'. This artisanal process contributes to Binchotan's unique properties and quality.

Variety of Binchotan variants

Binchotan is available in different variants, each with its own characteristics and applications. From Binchotan Eucalyptus with an average burn time of 4 hours to Binchotan Maitew with a burn time of 6 hours, there is something for everyone. These variants are chemical-free, providing a smoke- and flavour-free grilling experience.

Environmental friendliness and quality

Besides its superior flavour and performance, Binchotan is also environmentally friendly. Made from sawdust, the briquettes are produced without unnecessary additives, which is an added bonus for environmentally conscious consumers. Binchotan offers not only a great taste experience, but also peace of mind by minimising its carbon footprint.

Lighting Binchotan

Lighting Binchotan is a simple process that offers different methods depending on the griller's preference. Whether it is with a gas burner in 15 minutes or by placing it on a bed of softer charcoal, Binchotan can be lit quickly and efficiently. Alternative methods, such as using Quick-Koko grill bricks, make lighting even easier and faster.

Grilling pleasure guaranteed

Binchotan offers unparalleled quality that results in an outstanding barbecue experience. Whether you use a table barbecue charcoal, charcoal bbq or charcoal kamado, with Binchotan you are guaranteed delicious dishes and satisfied guests. Once you try it, you won't want to do without this exceptional charcoal.
Binchotan charcoal is the epitome of high-quality grilling performance and flavourful barbecue experiences. With its unique properties, authentic craftsmanship and environmental friendliness, Binchotan is the ideal choice for any barbecue enthusiast striving for perfection in their grilling skills. Want to buy Binchotan? Then discover our high-quality collection now and enrich your barbecue adventures with the most refined charcoal on the market.