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Discover the versatility of Acacia charcoal, derived from the fast-growing Australian Black Wattle tree. This 100% natural charcoal ignites easily, generates intense heat and burns well at high temperatures, allowing you to cook fast and lock in flavours. With no added fuels, it is cost-effective, delivers the perfect flavour and lasts twice as long. With a burn time of 3.5 hours, it is suitable for both open and closed barbecues and serves as an excellent base for lighting Binchotan.

Discover our wide selection of Acacia charcoal, available in convenient 5 kg and 10 kg bags, as well as several pallet variants for extra volume discounts. Whether you are a passionate home cook or a professional chef, we offer perfect options for every need. Take advantage of our range of packaging to meet all your barbecue requirements, with the guarantee of long-lasting firepower and an unparalleled taste experience. Discover the benefits of Acacia charcoal for your next barbecue event today!